I am Tortuguita (little turtle). A post- adolescent, pre-adult. I’m utterly disorganized, yet incredibly neurotic. Hopelessly indolent though constantly restless. Socially gregarious, yet deeply introverted. Terribly judgmental but overly compassionate. Incredibly selfish with bouts of excess empathy. Passionately focused and recklessly inconscient. A little too charming and grossly contumacious. Dangerously rebellious and overly dependent. Too smart to not know, but not smart enough to be able to change it. An energetic somnolent. A self-conscious non-conformist. A fierce liberal with slight elitist tendencies. A Marxist who, not-so-secretly, loves money. A liar with integrity. A chaste nymphet. A self-conscious nudist. A vicious pacifist. A morally challenged socialist. A cowardly revolutionary. A pessimistic dreamer. If I knew who I was, I’d say so.
Mostly I’m just me; Tortuguita.
And slowly, I’m figuring it out.


2 Responses to “Tortuguita”

  1. Ortizzle Says:


    Just one thing, Little Turtle: the correct spelling, if it is meant to be in Spanish, is TORTUGUITA. (The way you are spelling it, it would be pronounced “tor-too-HEE-ta.”)

  2. Tortuguita Says:

    You’re absolutely right! I can’t believe I completely missed that. Thanks. It has now been updated.

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