Due to the massive amount of readership I have, I’m sure my sudden and lengthy departure from the blogosphere has most assuredly left a gaping void.

I’ve got no real good excuse for dropping off the face of the planet except that at some point in the last six months or so, I actually starting acquiring some semblance of a social life outside of the internet. Not sure why or how it happened, to be honest, but it did, and damnit – it’s time consuming.

Unfortunately, because I am me and attract freaks like a pez dispenser does ants, the drama that inevitably accompanied this social life has been downright ridiculous. I’m talking straight up Dawson’s Creek style, over-the-top, angst-ridden, love-triangle plagued, overly verbose kind of drama.
It’s exhausting is what it is.

I’ll go into more detail later because, even if no one actually gives a rat’s ass, I need to document this insanity somehow. At the moment, however, I need to get ready to go over to my ex-boyfriend’s place, so we can go have dinner together with his current (gorgeous!) quasi-girlfriend.
Yeah, no awkwardness there.

Oh, and in other news. Bunny’s sixth birthday is later this week. Buddha will be two next month. Dr. Doormat is going to quit being a Dr. (will probably still be a doormat though) come January and a still crazy Winifred is still not working except for 4 hours, once a week and I still don’t know what it is that she spends her days doing.

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