Okay, so I realize the show is called Grey’s Anatomy, and she is Meredith Grey. But it should really be called She’s Never Coming Back because she’s Cold, Dead and Grey – Anatomy.
This is sort of like how I used to love Dawson’s Creek but absolutely could not stand Dawson at all. Mostly because he was an asshole but also because James van der Beek’s forehead is out of control.
Well, I’ve figured it out. It’s not just Meredith – I can’t stand Ellen Pompeo either. It’s actually very simple. Hollywood isn’t that picky. Not really. All it asks of you, in exchance for stardom are good looks and the ability to speak. Ellen Pompeo has neither. It all comes down to the S.
First the obvious.

  • Too fucking skinny! Seriously. I’ve been slender and attractive. She is way beyond slender and it is so not attractive at all. She’s skinny with a capital SK for skeletal. It’s gross. The costume people realize this and try to fake the audience out but it’s not working! She’s yucky and she needs to eat.
  • She is squinty eyed. I don’t mean that in a racial sense, I mean it in the literal, she’s constantly squinting her eyes kind of way. I don’t get it. Glasses? Contacs? Lasik? What’s the deal. She has pretty eyes, she just needs to quit squinting them.
  • She snarls. No really. I don’t know, maybe it’s some botched attempt at a pout to enhance her non-existant lips but she snarls. She’s a mouth breather who snarls. Not cool.
  • Snarling is not enough, apparently, she must smirk too. A lopsided, thin lipped, snide little smirk.
  • She has a lisp. She speaks with an incredibly obnoxious sibillant S that makes me want to strangle her skinny, squinting, snarling throat.

So here’s the thing. If you’re skinny, squinty, smirky and snarly, you’re not fulfilling the good-looking portion of the requirement and if you talk with a fucking sibillant S then you’re not accomplishing the speaking part either. So if you aren’t good-looking and you can’t talk right? You shouldn’t be on my television screen!!!

If I wanted to watch ugly, selfish people with speech affectations, I’d go outside and socialize!!
Television is supposed to be a haven from the outside world. What’s with the lowered expectations Hollywood? Remember when tv stars were beautiful and, oh I don’t know could actually act talk?

Curses on you Shonda Rhimes! You got my hopes up. I really wanted her to die, damnit!