Winifred called me this afternoon to let me know that Buddha took his real first steps, sans help, today at the library. Woot! This means I’m the de facto winner of the bet. At the end of last year we all placed bets on when we thought he would walk. Winifred guessed New Year’s, I guessed the 11th, Bunny guessed the 16th and Dr. Doormat guessed the 23rd. Bunny walked at 14 months, so we figured it would happen at a similar time for Buddha and we were right! He’s 14 and 1/2 months old, practically to the day. I’m a wee bit bitter that he waited for a day that I wasn’t there, but I’m just so excited. Silly, I know but this is sort of the last tangible milestone that marks the end of his infancy. *sniff* He’s growing up! Welcome to toddlerhood, Buddha! You’ve come along way.