Well, folks, I did it. I took the job. I drove to New York. Yes, drove. Thousands of miles. From the west coast to the east. Craziness. I’m here now and getting settled in. It’s crazy how much crap and red tape I have to deal with. I was completely unprepared to spend quite so much time figuring things out. Thank god for my mother who drove out here with me and flew back this morning. Yesterday we woke up early and headed out to the post office to open a PO Box. Because I’m living out of a hotel room at the moment, we figured it’d be helpful to have an address for mail. Nope, I needed a New York driver’s license to get a PO Box. So we headed to the local DMV to transfer my licencse but the catch 22 is that I needed an address to put down. So we decided to use the hotel address in the meantime. Then, since I had just transfered my license, we tried to register my car, only problem is that I needed to have my insurance transferred to NY as well so we packed up again and headed over to State Farm where we had to transfer over my policy and figure all that out. Then we went back to the DMV and registered my car and got the new license plates. So then we stopped by Home Depot to get nuts and bolts because in NY you need license plates on the front and the back of your car. Unfortunately they didn’t have what we needed, I need to get a special frame to put the plate in because the front holes don’t fit the holes in the plate. Then we went back to the Post Office and I turned in my application for a PO Box but it turns out that the guy who deals with all PO Box applications and whatnot is on vacation so I won’t be hearing from them until Tuesday or so. Then we went by Staples to try and get me organized. I got a new planner and some new file folders and whatnot. And finally we stopped by a credit union and opened a savings and checking accout for me here. Which, again, I had to use the hotel address for. Did I mention, that it was pouring rain the entire day? *sigh* So that was my day yesterday. Running errands back and forth. On the bright side, at least I have a much better sense of the area now. I still have to go get my oil changed and then go for my emissions test so that I can be fully registered and licensed and all that. Man is it complicated. Thank god most of it is overwith and thank god for my mother who helped me through it all. I start work on Monday for the family. The current nanny is leaving on Friday so I’ll have five days to train with her. I’m excited and a little nervous. Wish me luck!