I have to make up my mind now. I got home from NY today. The interview(s) went well. I got offered the job. I told them I’d let them know by Wednesday what my decision is. The kids are absolutely precious. They are nine months apart and are both four at the moment. I’ll call them Sally and Conrad (from the Cat in the Hat) because they are cute and blonde and look like twins. They are sweet and very affectionate and relatively well mannered and compared to Bunny they’re a piece of cake. The current nanny is super nice and she was such a huge help the last couple of days. She really helped me get the gist of what I’d be doing and she spoke honestly about the ups and downs of working for the family. So far my two biggest hang ups are #1 leaving Bunny and Buddha. #2 The Mom. Sally and Conrad’s mom, that is, not Mrs. P. I know I bitch and moan about Mrs. P because she’s a micro-managing, super anxious control freak, but this mom? Is Mrs. P squared, plus a British accent and a shitload of money. She’s terse and stony and not terribly affable. More than that though, I don’t know how I feel about working for someone who doesn’t appreciate her own kids. The children are IVF babies. These parents went out of their way to create them and spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to pay separate surrogates to carry them and while the mother professes her devotion and insists that they are her world, she has not once been their primary caregiver. They had nurses since the day they were born and have full-time nannies after them. She literally spends close to $50,000 a year paying other people to raise her children. And even though she’s educated and polite and kind, I just don’t know if I can handle or respect a person who doesn’t value spending time with her own kids. Because as obnoxious as Mrs. P is to deal with sometimes, I have never once doubted her devotion to her kids. But this lady? I just don’t know. It’s as though these kids are an accessory to be brought out on special occasions. Something that Conrad said really boiled down the situation. He asked me who was taking care of my children while I was visiting them. Their nanny explained that just like sometimes his mother takes care of him when she’s away, my kids’ parents were taking care of them while I was gone.
He nodded his head, understanding.
It made sense … but I was floored.
He lives in a world where parents are abstract figures. Where his mother only takes care of him when the nanny is unavailable. He doesn’t know anything different. I just don’t know if I want to be a part of that world as well.