I hung out with the Musketeers today while their parents attended an orientation meeting for Athos’ Kindergarten. Porthos had a bit of a meltdown during dinner so while I was off dealing with him, Athos took it upon himself to serve himself a lot more food. And by a lot I mean, he filled his entire plate with pasta and peas and then began grating himself parmesian in addition to quite a bit of watermelon.

Me: Seconds huh?
Athos: Yeah.
Me: Wow, you must be hungry.
Athos: Mhhh hmm.
Me: That’s a lot of food.
Athos: Yeah.
Me: You really think you can eat all of that?
Athos: Oh yeah.
Me: Okay
Athos: I really want to grow tonight.
Me: Oh … I see.
Athos: Yeah. *muttering* I’m in kindergarten now. Yeah … I’m really gonna grow. Definitely.

Such conviction.