Things are really progressing fast. I’m heading to NY this coming Friday. I’m excited and nervous. The parents are an uber-wealthy, high-powered couple and I’m definitely intimidated. I knew they were fairly affluent to begin with. Hell, anyone who can afford to pay upwards of $30,000 a year on chilcare can be considered well-to-do, but I didn’t realize just quite how rich they actually are. And boy are they ever. The father is a businessman, which is really all I can say without revealing his identity. The mother is the president of a very large real estate company in the Northeast. They own two homes in the New York area and have a private plane with which they travel to and from their various abodes. The children, who are four and almost five attend an incredibly elite preschool and are pretty much already on their ivy league journey. I have absolutely no idea how to handle people like that. Dr. Doormat and Mrs. P, while not poor by any means, don’t have a fraction of the money that these people do. So I’m terrified. Scared that I’ll commit some serious social faux pas, that I simply won’t be sophisticated, smart, pretty etc. enough for such a family. That even if they do like me, I won’t know how to fit into such a foreign world. I feel like awkward Alice, trying to play croquet with a freaking flamingo knowing all the while that if she screws up she’ll be beheaded. Except that I’m being incredibly overdramatic and I know it. So I just have to keep reminding myself that while this job would be a great opportunity, I don’t need it, persay. If this whole thing goes to pot, I still have Buddha and Bunny … and my head.