I remember in highschool I took a Communication Arts class and we spent a good week covering the right way to behave in a job interview. I remember acing that class. But that’s about all I remember. I’m hoping some of it comes back to me because it looks like I’m headed for New York. The family that I’ve been corresponding with while I was away wants to fly me out for an interview. Eeek. I’m way excited. And super scared. Now I can be incredibly charming when I want to be but this interview is freaking me out. Maybe it’s because I make it a point to try not to care what people think of me and getting interviewed is precisely that – being judged. Yuck. Anyway, the current nanny sounds ridiculously perfect and I know that she is very loved so I’m a bit intimidated about filling her shoes. Furthermore, the mother happens to be British and sounds very prim and proper. And while I’m no stranger to particular mothers, she does have very specific ways of controlling her children’s lives. I hope I can pick up on her eccentricities fast enough. I know I can handle this job. Alright, alright, I’m pretty sure I can handle this job. The trick is convincing them that I can handle it. And so, I’m being thrust back to highschool, trying to make the popular kids love me at a new school. Generally though, isn’t that what job interviews are all about though? They’re just as much a test on social prowess as job skill. So, I guess I should really do some laundry because it looks like I’m going to be packing my bags for the third time this summer.