On Friday, Cherub came over and had a playdate at Bunny and Buddha’s house. Cherub is three and a half months older than Bunny and they are a perfect match for each other. What Cherub lacks in verbal skills, he makes up for in emotional maturity. And Bunny, on the other hand, may speak like a Princeton scholar but he is very much lacking in his ability to verbalize and comprehend his feelings. And so, I was rather reticent about having them interact. They are both active, fun-loving and snuggly but their temperaments and personlaties are incredibly different. So, I approached the day, with some measured optimism. Once the Buddha was down for his morning nap, Cherub’s mom dropped him off and Bunny immediately gave him a tour of his room. Much to my surprise, they got along famously. Sure there were a few momentary squablles regarding sharing of the Thomas Trains but no meltdowns and no acts of violence, so I was thrilled. Later that morning, Buddha woke up and Cherub adored him much to Bunny’s chagrin. Eight months after the babe was born and he still harbors great feelings of resentment and jealousy towards his little brother. Cherub, on the otherhand, is the youngest of two and is used to being the baby so he relishes any time that he can be the big kid and act as the nurturer. It was beautiful to see him in such a caring role.
Buddha is a boy. A Beautiful boy, with huge lashes and pink pouty lips, but a boy nonetheless. Cherub had a hard time understanding this and kept referring to him as “she.” Bunny, ever the reational little fellow, immediately corrected him every time. This became the basis for their biggest argument.
“Boy. Boy. He’s a boy.” He would say, everytime Cherub referred to his little brother as a girl. I merely smiled as I overheard their conversation from the kitchen, where I was preparing lunch. Though they were arguing, they were “using their words,” so I let them be. Finally, they came to me, the all-knowing Solommon, to fix their little dispute.
“Nanny!” Cherub called. “Is it a boy?”
“Yep.” I nodded. I received a smug grin from Bunny and a doubtful look from Cherub. A few moments later I heard Bunny explaining to him.
“He’s a boy, Cherub. He has a penis.” He declared to his friend. A momentary pause from Cherub. He sat, contemplating this new revelation for a moment.
“Let me see it.” He muttered skeptically. Bunny obliged and quickly peeled the velcro from Buddha’s cloth diaper.
“See? A penis!” He announced proudly.
“Oh.” Cherub murmured. And with that, they continued to play in harmony.
They did it. They used their words, their communication skills and their logic. I was fully impressed. I’m so proud of them.