Cherub and I went to the Science Center today and had a blast. We had lunch, laughed and looked at lots of science-y stuff but what he was really looking foward to was a Star program at the planetarium. All day long, he kept asking when we could see the “star movie.” Not in a pestering way, but wondering how much closer we were to the highlight of the afternoon. Finally it was time and we hurried to the planetarium and managed to get second in line for the show. Fortunately we got the best seats in the house. Unfortunately we had to wait for 20 minutes while everybody else got situated. Bless him, Cherub was incredibly patient. Finally, it started and our “star guide” while enthusiastic was a bit on the overly chipper side and even though he had a microphone, insisted on yelling everything. In any case, our star tour was off to a great start except for the nauseau and spinning part. So, I leaned over to ask Cherub if he was okay. Because I so was not. He nodded and stared in fascination at the huge domed ceiling. Satisfied, I closed my eyes, unable to keep staring at the spinning and twirling and vomit-inuducing spectacle. During a lull, a few minutes later, I heard snoring. Yep, asleep. Not even ten minutes into the highly anticipated show and he was fast asleep. The swirling lights and the yelling guide and the oohing and aaahhing were not enough to keep him awake. He was totally passed out but I just couldn’t wake him. Not if he was that tired. Eventually the movie ended, the people filed out, graciously stepping over his little sleeping legs. And the enthusiastic guide? “You can’t stay here ma’am. We need to set up for the next show.” Uhg. First off, do NOT call me ma’am. And secondly? Does he have no heart? What kind of human being could resist such a beautiful sleeping angel? So, I reluctantly flung my purse over my shoulder and lifted him into my arms. For a moment I thought he was going to stay asleep. But just as we got to the EXIT door, his head shot up.
“Where … where …. where are the people?” He asked, very confused.
“What about the movie?” He continued absolutely bewildered.
“You fell asleep, buddy. You missed it.” I winced, hoping he wouldn’t be too disappointed.
“Oh.” And suddenly very awake, he slid out of my arms and onto the floor pulling me out of the planetarium.
“That was such a great movie.” He murmured as we continued walking.
“Wasn’t it?” He asked me, cheerfully.
I grinned and nodded in agreement.
Oh, Cherub. You crack me up. I don’t know what you were dreaming about buddy, but it must have been good.