One day when Princess was around 25 months old and Bunny was 38 months old, the three of us were having one of our tandem babysitting days. Their mothers are good friends, as are they so that wasn’t uncommon back then. Princess toddled over to us from her room and very haughtily announced that she was “not a baby anymore!” because she was “two.” Bunny solemnly agreed and nodding his head adamantly announced, “You’re absolutely right, Princess. You’re NOT a baby anymore; you’re a little kid. Little kids’ aren’t babies. Me and Turtle, we’re big kids and you’re a little kid.” Princess smiled, glad that someone agreed with her and the two of them then sat down and continued playing. I nearly choked, trying not to laugh. Oh, Bunny. In what universe are a three year old and an adult equal and a two and three year old on separate levels? In Bunny’s universe of course. His illogical logic continues to astound, infuriate and tickle me to this day. But that’s par for the course in toddlerland where I’m always “wrong” and they “know everything.”